Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is the life!

That would be my William King LS-concert sitting on the balcony in Oahu and sipping some Pina Colada to the left. LOL!

Yes, it's Hawaii time again. I learned a lesson during last year's trip to Maui that one should not be without a ukulele when going to Hawaii. During that trip I did not get to play a ukulele until the next to last day on the trip. I think I was beginning to suffer from ukulele withdrawal syndrome by the time I finally acquired my Kamaka tenor. So this year, I decided to bring a ukulele with me so I won't suffer from any withdrawal. The uke of choice for this trip, if you've read this blog before, is the William King LS-concert. I just thought what could be better than playing my favorite uke in Hawaii? So far so good. Playing this uke on the balcony facing the ocean is just soooooo enjoyable.

I've already been to Waikiki and checked out some ukes at the second Ukulele Puapua shop as well as a couple of other shops in Waikiki. It's so awesome to be able to browse ukes at a shop like that, but so far nothing has caused UAS to raise its ugly head. I guess maybe it's because nothing has really came close to the King concert for me to want to bring it home. But then again I know enough not to buy ukes in Waikiki. What has interested me is the lessons offered at Ukulele Puapua. Bruce Shimabukuro teaches 45 minute lessons there from Monday through Thursday and I'm seriously considering taking one. I mean, I have never actually had a ukulele lesson, and maybe I can learn some fast picking techniques to help me learn how to play 3rd Stream or something.

Anyway, I have finally taken another video playing the ukulele, this time at the balcony shown in the picture on this post. But the upload speed here is seriously slow so I'm not sure if I'll be able to have it up during this trip. I guess we'll see. If I do get a chance to take that lesson, I'll try to report back about how that went. Until then, mahalo for reading!

Proof that I was there too!

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