Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My first ukulele lesson coming up

Well, after playing the ukulele for just over three years, I will finally be taking my first real lesson! I have booked a lesson with Bruce Shimabukuro at Ukulele Puapua in Waikiki. The guy and lady who was at the shop asked me to play something to determine my playing ability. I started playing some Guava Jam and they decided I would be intermediate. That's what I felt I was probably at. I mean, pretty much anyone at these ukulele shops can play circles around me, so there's definitely a lot more I can learn.

Since I have never taken ukulele lessons, I have no idea what to expect. If others signed up for a lesson, it would be a group lesson. If not, it would be a private lesson just for me. I guess I'm pretty much after the "ukulele lesson experience" at this point so it'll be all good. I do hope to pickup something useful toward improving my ukulele playing though. Hopefully there's still room left for me to improve. I guess if nothing else, it'll be another excuse to go to Puapua to drool over ukes! But if you've read some of my past posts, I REALLY would like to be able to play 3rd Stream one day.

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