Friday, March 12, 2010

New uke day!

Well, the CE-1 I picked up in Hawaii has finally arrived. For your reference it takes 5 business days for UPS to deliver from Oahu to Minneapolis.

Anyway, I snapped a couple of quick pictures of it. It still looks great, with a nice piece of Myrtle and ebony fretboard, bridge, and faceplate. It is pretty much impeccably made. Everything looks first class. Sounds very nice unplugged too. I'm probably going to swap out the low-G Ko'olau Gold strings for a set of high-G strings. I've got a couple of packs of ORCAS black strings that I might put on this thing. Gold does look good on this uke, but alas, I'm not a low-G player at this time.

I will try to put up some comments about it after playing it for a while. I also have some plans for videos with it. Hopefully I can execute it soon. Stay tuned.


Tom Bollum said...


Please contact me concerning ukulele and Minnesota. Thanks.

GX9901 said...

Hi Tom,

I don't how to contact you. You can contact me via Private Message (PM) at Ukulele Underground forum.


Tom Bollum said...

Falcon said...

Beautiful uke!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a ce-1 ukulele :)
Is it possible to insert a jack so that I could use my earphones instead of speakers? Could I put the jack I use for my piano or is there a specific kind of jack to insert to the ukulele?

Plainsong said...

@Anonymous, I don't know what kind of "jack" you use with a piano, but the output for the pickup on the uke is not a headphone-out. What you need is something like a Vox Amplug. You plug that into the output, and plug headphones into the Vox.

Another one would be the amp-u-plug-and-play. Also many amps have headphone outs.

Anonymous said...

@ Plainsong:
Oh, I see. Thank you very much! :)

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