Monday, May 10, 2010

Checking in

I didn't really realize that I have not posted in almost a month and a half. I guess part of it was that the copyright infringement thing left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. But as it usually goes when the weather heats up, I tend to spend less time on this blog. I also don't really have much to post about at the moment. I have not had UAS for a while, and my Glyph is not done yet. I'm not sure when I will have new pictures of the Glyph but it may be a while as Dave Means ran into some health issues. I hope he is doing better now. I can wait as long as it takes for that uke. I mean, it's already been three years right?

I will also have a new baby boy any time now, so that will mean even less time to post in the near future. We did get a new HD camera not too long ago so maybe I'll try posting some video sometime down the road. So it will be slow going around the Ghetto for a while. It does appear that there are people checking out the contents of this blog though, so that's cool. Hopefully some of the info here is still helpful to people who just found this blog.

I'm still playing my ukes on a daily basis. I'm a uker for life baby! I just figured out one of the songs from Bruce Shimabukuro's album called "On My Way", so that's pretty cool. I have not been learning new songs at a good clip, so hopefully I can get that going a little more. But perhaps that will be a little difficult with a new baby...

Anyway, keep having fun strumming the ukulele. I know I am!

Which uke should I bring on my next trip to Oahu???

What's the maximum you'd spend on a ukulele case for your best uke?

If you could steal one of my ukes, which one would it be???

How curly do you like your koa? (preferably on a uke)

What's the maximum number of ukes a perfectly sane person should have???

Poll: How often do you play the ukulele???

Poll: Which guitar company's approach to ukes do you prefer???

Poll: What's your favorite type of headstock???

Poll: The new basic Collings concert uke (UC-1) sells for about $1k, your reaction is: