Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick update

It's been a while since I've lasted posted. I've been kind of lazy but also been kind of busy. So not much is going on. I've been meaning to take a video playing Jake Shimabukuro's "Five Dollars Unleaded", but haven't gotten it down good enough to shoot a video without major screw ups. I'm getting there though, so hopefully it'll happen soon.

I have not bought a new uke for a record 5 month! (last uke was the Collings UC-1) But I think that streak might be coming to an end soon. I'm pretty set to get one of those upcoming Mainland concerts with the slotted headstock. If you've read this blog you know I love slotted headstocks. It's amazing that I have not bought a Kala Acacia tenor yet, with it's slotted headstock, but I think I already have too many tenors and I've been playing the concert scale a lot more lately, so I've refrained from getting the Kala Acacia tenor. One of the things I'd like to do is to do a comparison between the Mainland and Collings concerts. I'm fairly confident that the Collings isn't going to be 4 times the uke the Mainland is (Collings costs over 4 times as much as the Mainland), but it could be fun comparing them in various categories. So possibly look for that down the road if I'm successful in acquiring the Mainland concert.

Even if I don't get the Mainland, the ukeless streak is bound to come to an end soon as my Glyph mezzo-soprano is finally due to get started at the end of the year, I think. It will have an all koa body with, you guessed it, a slotted headstock. Since ordering it over 2 years ago, I have completely overhauled the design once and made a couple other changes, including adding and then removing a Mi-Si pickup option. I think the design is pretty much set now. To give you an idea on what it will look like, it will kind of look like a mini version of Jake Shimabukuro's Kamaka. Hopefully it comes out good and be worth the wait. Check back in, oh 5-6 months to see the results!

Just today I found a new ukulele blog called Ukulele Perspective. The blog owner posted to my last post. It seems to be an interesting blog and should be a fun read for ukulele enthusiasts. There's a survey that gives you a chance to win an ipod shuffle, so be sure to check that out.

Anyway, that's it for the quick update. As fall and winter draws near, hopefully I'll have more to post on this blog. Thanks for reading!

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