Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lineup update. Finally!

It's been quite some time since I last posted a lineup update. I finally found some time to take some pictures. Let's see, since the last update, I've shipped out the Honu concert, the Uklectic, the Fender Koa Nohea, the Kanile'a super tenor, and the LoPrinzi mahogany tenor. Additions since then are the Mainland slotted headstock concert and Ko'olau CE-1. Hmmmm, as you can see, I actually managed to keep the UAS rate in the negative! Woohoo! OK, so no one cares....

Anyway, there's a Glyph mezzo soprano still being built, but I don't anticipate adding any more ukes in the short term. In fact, a couple more will surely find their way out of my collection before I add any more.

Below are some group shots and back shots for your viewing pleasure.

Group back shot.

Sopranos. These are likely going to be the only 2 sopranos I have for quite a while.

Back of the sopranos.


Back of the tenors.


Back of the concerts.


Eric said...

I'm looking to get a ukulele for my son. Having seen the ukulele orchestra of GB play recently, I think he'd like to give it a go. Do you know if the spongebob ukulele is a toy or a real instrument?

GX9901 said...

Hi Eric,

The Spongebob ukulele is more or less a toy. You'll want to get something that plays a bit better for a beginning player. Something like a Makala dolphin bridge soprano (see this post) sold by musicguymic on ebay costs only a little bit more and is a pretty nice playing ukulele.

bazmaz said...

wow dude - you have some beautiful ukuleles

Allan Revich said...

Thank you so much for posting this. It makes me feel so much better about my own case of UAS, since I "only" have 8 ukes (and two are actually my wife's)

Principessa Venuto said...

First of all my compliments for your blog...I like your reviews,but above all I like your playing!:) I started one year ago playing ukulele...I'm literally in love! I've bought 3 ukulele,a cheap soprano(the first one) and two tenors:an Antonio Pinto Carvalho (APC) made with Acacia Koa and one vitnamese handmade cutaway spruce top and koa back and sides...I'm quite satisfied by them,but I decided tenor size is too large for me...I don't feel that size is a "real" I decided I want to buy a concert size cutaway ukulele "for life" :) So,I would like to spend under 600 $,I would like to buy a solid Koa ukulele nice to see and with an excellent hawaian tone...I like the KPK (but it is not Hawaian Koa,it's made of Acacia Koa),the Kelii (but I think they do not make a cutaway),the Ayers Uluru Pukana la IIC (it's made for ayers guitars by the same vietnamese factory that produces for Honu-Big Island and Puapua) favourite at the moment is the tried the kelii,the puapua concert and the what's your favourite among these???Do you have any other suggestion for that price range???I would like to buy one of the three "K" brands ukulele,but I can't afford them,so I'm trying to get that quality and that sound at a lower price...thank you so much for your help!

Greets from Italy!!!


GX9901 said...

Hi DAniele,

Thanks for your comments. Regarding a good concert ukulele for $600, I would suggest saving a little more and go for a KoAloha concert (typically under $700 street price). I think a KoAloha would work well as a ukulele "for life", because it sounds as good as most custom built concert ukes I've tried. You'd be getting the best for just a little more than your budget.

If you can't go for the KoAloha, between the 3 brands you mentioned, I liked Honu the best. The Honu concert I had was really great. I probably should have kept it, but I've got too many ukes anyway.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Kendall Harrison said...


I have a quick question about your LoPrinzi tenor - would you be willing to sell it?

I am the guy who sold it to you and I have missed it!



Matthew Rodriguez said...

Hello really love your blog. I too am a hopeless uke nut. I collect soprano ukes exclusively and have amassed a nice little collection (dam that UAS).
Anyway my question to you is what kind of soprano do you have there sitting next to your Kiwaya?

thanks keep up the great blog work

GX9901 said...

Thanks. The soprano next to the Kiwaya is a DaSilva Santos reproduction. I think I've posted about it on the blog so if you search around for DaSilva you should come up with a couple of posts about it.

Which uke should I bring on my next trip to Oahu???

What's the maximum you'd spend on a ukulele case for your best uke?

If you could steal one of my ukes, which one would it be???

How curly do you like your koa? (preferably on a uke)

What's the maximum number of ukes a perfectly sane person should have???

Poll: How often do you play the ukulele???

Poll: Which guitar company's approach to ukes do you prefer???

Poll: What's your favorite type of headstock???

Poll: The new basic Collings concert uke (UC-1) sells for about $1k, your reaction is: