Thursday, January 21, 2010

What to bring to Hawaii???

The last poll I posted was about which uke I should take with me on my upcoming trip to Oahu. I let the poll run for 10 days and as a result there were 54 votes placed on the poll. About 3/4 of you voted for buying a uke at Oahu instead of bringing one. I was kind of expecting that since it makes too much sense to just buy a uke at ukulele paradise, but I was hoping there would be more opinions on which uke I should actually bring. While I appreciate all of your opinions, I'm pretty set on bringing one with me, because I don't think I'll have all that much time to shop for a uke. Last year, when we went to Maui, I didn't get my Kamaka tenor until the next to last day of the trip. I REALLY wished that I could strum a ukulele from day one. Of course, I never say never, and even if I bring a uke with me, there is still a chance I could buy one there under the right circumstances. Say if I run into a KoAloha concert Sceptre for a very good price, I might not be able to resist....

Let's see, of the 14 votes that went for bringing a uke to Oahu, 6 went to the King LS-concert and 4 apiece went to the DaSilva and Mainland. My original thought was to bring the DaSilva, since it is the most portable uke I have and is very nice in its own right, but the more I got to thinking about it, the more I thought maybe I should just take the King. As nice as the DaSilva is, I vastly prefer playing the King. And the thought of taking the King to Hawaii appealed to me. I mean, it is a ukulele, so it should visit Hawaii at some point of its life right??? Ok, maybe not.

So as of now, I'm going to bring the King LS-concert with me to Oahu (yes, those 6 votes actually helped me solidify the decision). It's a slight risk bringing such a high-end uke on the road with me, but I went on a trip to Taiwan last year with my Collings without issue (well, except I almost left it at the Taiwan airport...), so I think it'll be fine. It will be great to play the King while sitting at the balcony facing the ocean. I thank all of you who voted on the last poll.

Oh, by the way, there is a decent chance that I'll be posting some in-progress pictures of my Glyph this weekend! Stay tuned for that!

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Ron said...

Take the "Mainland" to Hawaii! Ah, the irony!

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