Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jake Shimabukuro coming to MN again

I was just checking the Jake Shimabukuro website for the first time in quite a while last night and noticed that he is scheduled to come to Minneapolis again on May 23rd at The Cedar. That makes it three straight years that Jake is making a stop in Minnesota during his tour. Three years ago I was thinking that I might never be able to see Jake play in person, so it's really cool that he has come here as often as he has. I guess either he must like it here or there are a lot more uke fans around these parts than I thought. The first time I saw Jake in concert was at a Jazz restaurant. I sat in what was essentially the "nose bleed" section as I was so far away from the stage I could barely see him. The second time was at the Ordway theater. I had a better view of him on stage but since it was a 1500+ seat venue, I wasn't close enough to see his techniques up close. This time, the show is at a 465 seat venue and no assigned seats, so hopefully I can finally see Jake play the ukulele up close. Oh yes, I definitely plan on going again!

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