Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Maui, and NO uke!

This week, I'm on vacation in Maui with my family. The ironic thing is that this is probably the only week in within the last year that I did not play the ukulele. And I'm in HAWAII!!!

There appears to be much fewer music shops in Maui as compared to Oahu, and I am deliberately not trying to seek out uke shops on this trip (haven't and not likely to visit Bounty Music this time), so I really haven't seen many ukes so far.

Anyway, there's this music shop in Lahaina that actually has several Kamaka tenors in stock. If you read my last entry, you would know that it is number 2 on the UAS forecast. Well, that forecast is dangerously close to coming true, as I REALLY want to play the ukulele while sitting at the balcony of the resort we're staying in, looking out to the ocean (the picture here is one taken from that balcony).

I guess next time I go to Hawaii, I better bring a uke along so I don't do any further damage to the wallet. Stay tuned to see if I indeed end up getting that Kamaka.

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Stosh D15 said...

I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I was wondering if you had decided to sell your Kala long neck soprano. If so I would be interested in buying it. Let me know,


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