Monday, March 16, 2009

Insanity? Or perfectly normal?

The last poll I put up asked the question "What's the maximum number of ukes a perfectly sane person should have???" Judging by the results, almost half you thought a person could own over 20 ukes and still be perfectly sane. For what it's worth, I'd probaby vote for 10 ukes. Which means I think I'm insane....:p

Yeah, I currently have 16 ukes (or is that 17?), but I stuggle to keep all of them played (I only have 2 hands...). I would say that I'm a player with a collector's mentality. What that means is I buy all of the ukes with the intention of playing them, but I have difficulty letting some of them go even if I don't really play them because I like the idea of owning it. Case in point, the Pineapple Sunday. It's a great uke. I love the looks and I think it has a very high quality sound. But I rarely play it because I like playing the other more traditional ukes I have more. So if I'm being honest with myself, I should probably move it. But I do like the Pineapple Sunday's appearance quite a bit and it is somewhat rare, so I feel like I should keep it.

I guess 10 ukes would be a good number of ukes to own so that one has a lot of variety but also can rotate though them within a reasonable amount of time. I would love to own 10 or less ukes, but right now I have a real hard time deciding which ones to let go. I like pretty much all of the ukes I have right now (except for the Sonny D, which I don't even count as part of the collection anymore :P). I guess this is what you get when you have a bad case of UAS.

This is how often my ukuleles get played:


-King tenor
-DaSilva Santo repro(so far, probably move off this category in a few weeks)

Regular rotation (a few times a week):

-Kamaka tenor
-Kanile'a super-tenor
-Kepasa Gypsy Rose
-LoPrinzi tenor (new uke. Might move down in a few weeks. Already being squeezed out a little bit by the Santo)

Infrequent (a few times a month):

-Koa Works tenor
-Pineapple Sunday
-Kiwaya KTS-7 (might be moving up as I get into sopranos a little more now)

Once in a blue moon:

-Kanile'a super soprano (I ought to play this one a bit more. Still like it a lot)
-Honu concert
-Bluegrass cigar box
-Uklectic concert
-National concert (listed for sale at FMM right now)
-Martin Style 1 (tried to sell it on ebay but got a non-paying bidder)
-Bushman Cedartone baritone (basically a novelty uke for me)

So there are definitely some that I should probably find new homes for (so I can get new ones!) but since I'm self proclaimed as insane, who knows what will happen.

Anyway, at least it's good to know that many of the readers of this blog doesn't think I'm crazy. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Now, where's that next uke I'm looking for???

Here are the poll results (34 total votes):
>Over 20 (no limits): 16 (47%)
>10 (double digits): 8 (28%)
>4 (one of each size): 7 (20%)
>1 (why would anyone need more?): 2 (5%)
>Playing the uke IS insane!: 1 (2%)

*Actual poll is moved to the bottom of the blog and will be removed sometime down the road*

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