Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've alluded to the fact that I have another William King ukulele on order right now in a few previous posts. So let me share a little be about what I ordered this time around.

Since I already had a King tenor, I decided to go with a concert size ukulele this time. William had been making some ukes with a Nunes styled body that looked pretty cool, so I went with that body style. I like ukes with neck joined at the 14th fret, so this will be a long-scale concert. The headstock will be the same flat-top slotted headstock as seen on my King tenor, with the same Chinese character in a different font inlaid on it.

For the body material, I knew I wanted something other than koa, so I inquired about ebony since William had built a couple of pretty cool looking ukes out of Macassar ebony. William indicated that ebony makes a great uke, so I decided on that along with an Adirondack spruce top. According to Taylor guitar's website, the Macassar ebony and Adirondack spruce top combination yields a guitar that's an "an all-out cannon". I'd be pretty happy if this uke indeed turns out to be a little cannon.

I decided to bling it out a bit so its got abalone top purfling and rosette. There will also be some red side purfling that should look good against the black ebony body. There are also a couple more custom details that I will reveal when the uke is completed, so stay tuned! I certainly can't wait!

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