Monday, March 9, 2009

Going to see Jake again!

Last year I was thrilled by Jake Shimabukuro's visit to the Twin cities. I found out about that one pretty late so I only got to sit in some seats that were very far away from the small stage at the Jazz club he played at. Soon after that concert, I found out Jake was coming to Minnesota again in 2009, this time to the Ordway Theatre in St. Paul on March 10th.

I dragged my feet in ordering the tickets but when I eventually did, there were still a few seats left in the section closest to the stage. So hopefully this time I'll get a better view of the action. I will be taking my 3 year old daughter with me. Hopefully she'll enjoy the show. Maybe she can get her new pink Makala ukulele signed by Jake or something. LOL!


Jonathan Fung said...

How much were your tickets? I've been really close to the stage both times I saw him play...actually, the last time I saw him, when he was playing with Aldrine (informal session at a small venue) I was literally five feet from him, close enough to see every curl in the master grade was amazing how fast his hands move...and how much a musician can fidget in their chair. Hehe.

Christina H. said...

Hey there! I just saw Jake last night in Wilmington, DE - sold out concert. It was a fabulous show and I got to meet him afterward. He's such a genuine and sweet guy, so much Aloha about him. I hope you and your daughter have a blast at the show - maybe she could sing for him :) Definitely take the ukes and have him sign, I did!

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