Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kanile'a Video Review

Recently there seemed to have been a Kanile'a reviewing frenzy on Youtube. OK, so there's only like three videos, but what the heck. I thought I'd join in on the fun by reviewing my Kanile'a super soprano. I thought it would be a quick review, but by the time I was done it's a 10 minute video. I guess if you've read this blog you know that I'm fairly long-winded, so it only makes sense that the video review got long-winded too. :p

Anyway, hopefully it's useful and/or entertaining for someone out there. Here it is:


Anonymous said...

hey, love the sound of that super saprano. i was so suprised when you played the tenor back to back with the super saprano! a saprano with a deeper tone than a tenor? i thought you were crazy but i agree. i'm a novice uke player (2yrs) and just orded a new tenor sized Pono. you can e-mail me with some info, or any advice if you want =D

GX9901 said...

Thanks for the comment!

I've only been playing the uke for 14 months myself, so I'm even more of a novice! I have, however, bought too many ukes (I've sure you've noticed) so I might have a little more experience as far as playing different ukes. Can you write what type of info you're looking for? If I know something I could certainly try to help.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review. Thanks.

I ordered a Deluxe tenor and can't wait for it to show up. I got musicguymic to switch out the strings to worth's premium and after seeing your post a while back, I got him to switch out the pegs too, although all he had on hand were ebony (still better than the default white).

saveanescapist said...

:] hey it's saveanescapist from ezfolk

great review, you were right, it really helped a lot. It sounds so lovely, I love that deepness of tone, that's what I like about the pono I'm now going for (or at least the sound bite I heard). If I ever pick up a soprano, I'll definitely have to go for this one. :D

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