Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cowboy is very busy???

This post isn't going to make much sense unless you're either Taiwanese/Chinese or if you are a fan of Jay Chou (周杰倫, the guy who played Cato in the recent Green Hornet movie).

So I was watching some videos on Youtube a couple of nights ago trying to re-learn Ukulolo (still one of my all time favorite uke arrangements), and some of the related videos were made by some people from Taiwan.  So after clicking around some links, I arrived at this instrumental cover of 牛仔很忙, which literally translates to Cowboy Is Very Busy.  I've heard this song many times before, and while I wouldn't come close to counting it as one of my favorite songs, it's so campy and weird it's actually kind of catchy.

So I set out to learn that instrumental version and it turned out to be pretty simple.  Of course, it would take more than a few days to get smooth playing anything, but I tried taking a video of it anyway.  My daughters were near by and decided to join in on the fun by doing silly dances and monkeying around while I played, so I decided to just upload one of  these videos.  The cover is basically just messing around with the ukulele, so I guess a ghetto version is appropriate.


foxfair said...

lol... I know this song! any chance you'll put the chords on the blog please?

NPS CREW graffiti said...

its very good ! :)

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