Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Unknown...

I've been working on learning Kalei Gamiao's The Unknown in the past week after seeing the first of Dominator's tutorial on the song.  I had heard this song before, but didn't pay much attention to it.  Having checked it out again after seeing the tutorial, I thought it was a cool song and decided to try to learn it.  Dominator has posted tutorials on the first two sections so far and they helped a lot getting me off the ground on it.  I was eager to learn the song so I went ahead and tried to learn the rest of it by watching a couple of videos of Kalei playing it, and it came together for me (well, to my ghetto standards anyway) a lot faster than I anticipated.  The key to learning this song is what this particular tutorial called a "Kalei Gamiao Strum".  Using this strum, or fast picking technique, you can get it to sound close to how Kalei plays it.  So in my excitement on learning how to play this song, I wanted to upload a video of it, hence the video that appear on this post.

I guess taking a video of yourself playing the ukulele is a good way to see what needs improvement.  I noticed that I'm a lot worse at the "Kalei Gamiao Strum" than I thought when watching the video, and I could do a better job with the pace of my strumming.  So I hope I can get a better take on playing this sometime later.  But here it is, the patented ghetto attempt on The Unknown by yours truly:

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