Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey Jude

A few years ago I came across an instrumental cover of the Beatles' Hey Jude by WS64 on Youtube.  I thought it was a great arrangement and later found that someone had tabbed it on the Ukulele Underground forum.  The tabs were not totally complete, but there was enough to help me learn this arrangement.  So I've been playing this on and off for a couple of years now.  It's pretty easy and fun to play, and although I stopped playing it for a while, I recently started playing it again and it came back to me pretty quickly.  I've been meaning to record a video of this song, but haven't really tried to find time to do it until now.

I decided to play it on the Leolani super-soprano I have laying around the couch lately.  This ukulele was the very first ukulele I bought during a trip to Honolulu at the Aloha Stadium flea market.  I probably overpaid for it at $125, and it is the one responsible for starting the UAS madness for me.  I had loaned it out to someone for a couple of years, and last year it was returned to me.  Playing around it over the last couple of months, I was surprised by how nice it sounded to me.  Even when I was an inexperienced beginner, I found other ukes such as a Flea I once owned to be better sounding.  But today, for some reason, this Leolani is actually holding its own even against the solid wood ukes I own.  The fact that it's a laminated ukulele means I can just leave it out all the time, so it's very handy.  I'm glad it has returned to my possession after a couple of years away.


Anonymous said...

Well done. Thanks. With your video and one from WS64 combined with Seeso's UU tabs, I should be able to play it, with practice.

Simon George said...

I really dig the lessons and information you have on your site about ukuleles. Its sites like this that have made consistent musical progress possible for me over my 13 years of playing string instruments. Keep it up. IStillGotMyGuitar

Echeron said...

An Adz is a play on words referring to the word 'Axe' which is of course a guitar. An Adz is a small axe, or the ukulele :)

zees5 said...

Do you have the link for tabs. I have been looking for this everywhere. I can play this by reading sheet music, but it only has the notes so it does not make for a very interesting solo. Your interpretation is beautiful!

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