Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mya-Moe is completed!

How about that! A custom ukulele actually completed ahead of schedule! Woohoo! Ok, so I don't actually consider Mya-Moes to be true customs, since you don't get to design every aspect of the ukulele's look and you can't really get custom inlays on it, but they are still bespoke instruments made by two people only, so they can't be considered a factory instrument either. Either way, my Mya-Moe concert is now completed. The original promise date was April 27th, and they've beaten that by almost a week. If you look at the uke tracker for my uke, it appears that they even took a vacation between April 6th and April 19th, so it could have been even earlier. Anyway you slice it, I'm impressed by how accurate they were on their promise date.

And another word about their Uke Tracker. It has to be the coolest thing any ukulele luthier has ever put on their website. It's so nice to be able to punch in your ukulele number and follow the progress as it builds. There's no guessing on where they're at with your instrument. No need to email for updates. And it's just plain cool to have this level of traceability for a bespoke instrument.

Anyway, it's supposed to be shipped out today, so I should be seeing it sometime next week. Judging from the pictures, I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I love tight reflective curls and this is pretty much what I envisioned when I went with this piece of Myrtle. I trust that the uke will sound and play wonderfully, but I'm still very anxious to try it out. This will be the least adorned custom ukulele I've ever ordered, with no bindings or even position dots on the fretboard face, but I was going for a basic look with this one, and I like what I see on the pictures.

Since I have not learned any new songs since posting my rather broken Bohemian Rhapsody attempt, so maybe I'll try to make a video playing Bohemian Rhapsody (hopefully a better attempt) and perhaps something else that I can play in my sleep (maybe Gently Weeps) as a demo of this ukulele. Anyway, I will probably try to post a couple of videos with this ukulele.

Well, I will have more to post once this uke arrives. Until then, here are the other pictures from the Uke Tracker:


Anonymous said...

The nice thing about that uke tracker is that it keeps them accountable to their employer too. It looks great! Ukester Brown

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I do believe you will be very pleased with your unadorned beauty. The wood on my myrtle was so lovely, I felt it too needed to shine sans any bling that might draw one's eye away from the wood. Not being an accomplished player like you, I appreciate still having my fret makers. Do enjoy and I look forward to your video posts.


GX9901 said...

Thanks guys!

Bonita: Haha, I do have side dots on the fretboard you know? I'm just trying to look like I'm a better player than I am with no face dots on the fretboard... :)

Anonymous said...

George, I actually have another MM that is almost complete. The opportunity to have a natural inclusion in wood become a functional part of a ukulele was something I couldn't pass up. My koa tenor #427 just had its second coat of oil. This one has been a real adventure for Char and Gordon and myself as well. I believe the results are quite stunning.


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