Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eddie Vedder's ukulele album

A few weeks ago I noticed on the forums that Eddie Vedder will be coming out with a solo album titled Ukulele Songs. While I can't say that I was especially excited, since these days I'm more into ukulele instrumental music, I was certainly happy to know that Eddie Vedder will release a ukulele-centric album. I've been a Pearl Jam fan since I was in high school (that's like 20 years ago! Damn I'm old!) and the very first song I learned to play on the ukulele was Eddie Vedder's Soon Forget, so this is a album I'll be getting for sure. The release date is May 31st.

In other happenings, it appears that my Mya-Moe custom concert ukulele is ahead of schedule. In this day and age of delays after delays, it's pretty refreshing to see someone meeting a promise date, much less improve upon it. The pictures on the uke tracker is looking really good. The curly Myrtle is looking great and I look forward to checking it out to see if Mya-Moe is as good as advertised.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in this for your blog!


Thanks for your support! :)

Anonymous said...

My Mya Moe was shipped out 2 days before the scheduled completion date: MG myrtle super soprano tradition #418. Check her out. Sounds great, easy to play and real pretty too with a shimmer to the wood.

Look forward to reading a review of yours. Your William King reveiws are the reason I bought mine. Love it too. Have really enjoyed your blog. Thanks.


GX9901 said...

Your Mya-Moe looks great! Their uke tracker is so great for checking out other people's Mya-Moe ukes.

Thanks for the compliment about my blog. I'm glad that my blog could help out a little bit. I know it hasn't been updated very frequently, but I will keep it going and post stuff from time to time. The Mya-Moe impressions/review will definitely be forthcoming at some point.

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