Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bohemian Rhapsody on the Mya-Moe

I've been playing Bohemian a lot in the last month or so, in hopes of being able to play it better than I did when I posted a video of this song a couple of months ago. I definitely feel like I've improved (I mean, I better be after practicing for two months right?), but it's still a work in progress. Then again, I'm not sure I can play any song cleanly, especially in front of a camera. With the arrival of my Mya-Moe concert, I thought I'd post a couple of videos up with it, and Bohemian Rhapsody is the first one.


JP said...

This is sounding really good! You see a lot of covers of songs online and they are not so good. But at least you're being honest in that you are working hard on it and posting video updates as you get better. Keep pluckin' away, because this sounds great!

GX9901 said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Oscar smith said...

Very good sound

James said...

VERY nicely done!

I play guitar, but my wife and I have just taken up the ukulele, just for fun. I have a lot to learn and unlearn to sound as good as you do. Thanks!

That Guy said...

That's pretty good, I wonder how long you've been playing ukuleles.

Which uke should I bring on my next trip to Oahu???

What's the maximum you'd spend on a ukulele case for your best uke?

If you could steal one of my ukes, which one would it be???

How curly do you like your koa? (preferably on a uke)

What's the maximum number of ukes a perfectly sane person should have???

Poll: How often do you play the ukulele???

Poll: Which guitar company's approach to ukes do you prefer???

Poll: What's your favorite type of headstock???

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