Friday, April 3, 2009

Out of the left field...

I guess sometimes the stars just aligns themselves for a UAS attack.

When I ordered a Fender Nohea ukulele last week (it's on the way now), I didn't know I'd end up with TWO ukes with the slanted Telecaster style headstock next week. So how did this happen?

While surfing the FMM forum a few days ago, Mr. Bulk, who is widely known on that forum for his taste for great custom ukuleles, announced that he is moving to the mainland and must unload many of his ukuleles. I immediately made a B-line to the Marketplace area to drool over what he had to offer. He had put up a couple of King ukuleles, one of which was sold before I even saw the ad, a Maui Music, a fully decked out Kanile'a super tenor, and an Aaron Taylor tenor. I recognized that he was selling all of those ukes at fantastic prices, much lower than what you would have to pay for new ukes from each builder. But the one that really made me take notice was the Aaron Taylor. It's a custom built tenor with a Telecaster style headstock, bearclaw spruce top, and milo back and sides. The materials are some seriously rare stuff, but the one thing that intrigued me more than any other elements is the inlay on the headstock. If you've seen my William King tenor, you probably noticed the character inlaid on the headstock. That's the Chinese character for my last name, which also translates exactly to King. Well, this Aaron Taylor has the same character inlaid on the headstock. I knew Mr. Bulk and I shared the same last name, so this uke literally had my name written on it (how often can someone actually say something like that? LOL!).

Now, even though it made too much sense (haha, yeah right!) for me to own this uke, I wasn't really prepared to get it. I mean, just take a look at how many tenors I have now! So I was kind of hoping that it gets bought before I give in to temptation while at the same time I was doing research on milo wood and Aaron Taylor ukes. As fate would have it, while just about all of Mr. Bulk's ukes sold within a couple of days, this one was still available. I'm pretty sure that's only because of the level of personalization on this uke because it was pretty much being sold at half price.

Without a real good reason to get it, I decided to file my tax return (yeah, I dragged my feet this year) to see if there are some magical funds waiting for this uke. Turns out there was, and my birthday is next week, so this uke is now on the way to me. Hahaha! (ok, I really ought to see about checking into a UAS asylum or something)

I guess sometimes one just can't help acquiring a certain uke...or something.

Some pics downloaded from Mr. Bulk's album:


C: said...

Feckin' Gorgeous!

And happy birthday.

GX9901 said...

Thanks man!

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