Monday, April 13, 2009

Ooh, Collings ukulele

While checking out Gryphon Strings website to see if they've got anything new, I noticed that they had a Collings ukulele up for sale. I was quite surprised by the advertised price of $1,040. It seemed downright reasonable compared to what I thought it would be and how much other Collings instruments sell for ($10,000+ for a mandolin? Yar!) Don't get me wrong, $1k is not chump change by any means, but when MGM scored the first two Collings ukes from the NAMM show, he made it sound like they are like $3-5k (at least that's what I thought). Comparatively speaking, $1k isn't that bad for these babies. Hmmm........

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Nick Kemp said...

I bought one in NY last week and IMO these are excellent instruments which is no surprise coming from this company!

Nick Kemp

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