Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thriller, again

I had posted a video of Thriller before, when I learned it from watching another Youtube video. I couldn't get it completely down from the video, but Dominator was nice enough to send me the chords as Jake had played them after seeing my first attempt (checkout his video of Thriller). So after some practice I decide to post another video. I had not really used the Kanile'a super tenor in a video yet so I decided to use it this time. So here it is, another try at Thriller:


Christina H. said...

Nice playing! You said you got your first uke in 2007??? How much do you practice to have gotten to your level of playing? Like you, I was a little sad that 'Thriller' did not make it onto Jake's setlist this time around. Maybe next time!

GX9901 said...

Hey Christina,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's always cool to read what the visitors to this blog has to say.

Since gotten my first uke in 2007, I probably have played it just about every day. I don't really "practice" though. It's more like just playing the songs I've learned over and over for fun and self entertainment.

For example, for Thriller, I spent a couple of days learning it from watching a Youtube video and then just played it a lot when I have time to play because it's a fun song to play.

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