Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beware of scam artist

It was brought to my attention on Ukulele Underground that a member by the name of BabiiDrew671 claiming to be from Washington state has copied a picture of several ukes from this blog and posted them up for sale. This is a scam and please do not deal with this person. If you see a "for sale" picture that's taken off of this site, do not deal with that person. I have never actually sold a uke with pictures from this blog. I've always taken fresh pictures of all ukes I tried to sell. It's disappointing to find that someone out there is trying to take advantage of others using pictures I've posted. I sincerely hope that no one has been affected.


mokai said...

that guy actually PMed me asking for a ukulele trade. I assume he planned to have me to ship out my ukulele at the same time he supposedly shipped his. The only problem is that his ukuleles did not exist.

Ron said...

I actually asked for more info on the Pineapple Sunday! Sorry this happened to you. I'm sure you feel violated somewhat.

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