Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me and 4 tenors

I had an idea of doing a demonstration of 4 of the koa tenor ukuleles I have by playing all 4 through a song, and today I took a quick video doing it. I think it turned out decent so I'm posting it tonight.

The 4 tenor ukuleles in this demo are Kelii, Kanilea (super tenor), Koa Works, and William King (long scale tenor). I think each of these ukes are very nice and have its own unique flavor. The King and Kanile'a have a more boomy/punchy sound. The Koa Works has a really sweet and crisp trebly sound. And the Kelii has a woody "island style" sound (whatever that means :p). The King tenor is strung with Worth BTs while the other three are strung with Worth CTs.

By the way, the Kanile'a super tenor is really impressing me lately. I lowered its action to a more comfortable height and switched to some Worth CTs. It now has a sound and feel that is in the category of the custom tenor ukuleles I own. I feel that it occupies a "sonic space" somewhere between the Koa Works and King, sounding more similar to the King due to the punchy/percussive sound it has. I got it for the bargain price of $580 (it was discounted at $779 another 30% off from Microsoft cashback) so I'm obviously very happy with it.

From this video, it's probably the easiest to tell the Kelii apart from the rest. See if you can hear the differences between these tenors.

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