Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lineup Update

Since I just ranked the ukuleles in my collection, I guess it's time to post a lineup update. Since the last update, the count has grown from 13 to 16 (gasp!). New from that time are a Kepasa Gypsy Rose, Sonny D purpleheart tenor, Kala tenor-neck soprano, Kanile'a super tenor, and a Kelii tenor. Gone are the Pono Ebony deluxe tenor, and the Compass Rose Walnut tenor.

Of the new blood, the Kepasa and Kanile'a super tenor are outstanding, while the Kelii tenor is very nice as well. The Kala is nice for the price and a good knock around uke. The Sonny D, however, is a disappointment. While it's a good uke in its own right, it probably sounds a tick better than a typical Pono but costs almost as much as a Kanile'a. It also has some of the worst workmanship I've seen whether it's a Chinese import or USA/Hawaiian made ukulele. I guess the only reason I got the Sonny D was because it's a purple uke (I bleed Vikings purple), so I can't really complain. Still, given how much it cost ($700+), I don't think it could ever get rid of it because no one will pay close to that amount for it. I guess it'll be my "Vikings Uke" or whatever that means.

As you can see, the couch is barely big enough to accompany the madness. With 2 custom ukes that are in the works for the not too distant future, I'd better get my butt going on moving a few more of these.

Anyway, here are some more pictures (all pictures taken using a Nikon D300 with 17-55mm, 1:2.8 DX lens):

Frontal shot of the entire lineup:

Tenors (L-R): Bluegrass cigar box, Kelii, Kanile'a super tenor, William King LS, Koa Works, KoAloha Pineapple Sunday, Kala tenor-neck soprano, Sonny D

Another shot of the tenors:

Concerts (L-R): Uklectic, Honu XXX, Kepasa Gypsy Rose, Kanile'a super soprano, National Mahogany

Baritone & sopranos (L-R): Bushman Cedartone Bari, Kiwaya KTS-7, Martin style 1


lecky said...

just thought I'd drop a note to say that I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up!

GX9901 said...

Thanks lecky! I appreciate your comment. Hopefully I'll have enough material of interest to keep this blog going for quite some time. Knowing there are a few people out there who enjoy it definitely helps a lot!

Rar Jungle said...

Are you ever gonna try Gstring brand again?

I still love my longneck Gstring soprano.

It is nice to read your blog! Thanks!

GX9901 said...

Hey Rar,

Thanks for the comment. I still hold G-String in high regard and I would be very tempted by one of their "Sun" concerts. I tried several G-String concerts last year and they were outstanding.

Dibbs said...

I love my G-String Concert. Get one.

I tried a Sonny D recently and, like you, thought it poor for the price.

Michael Locey, Anahola, Kauai said...

Hi George,
Just reminding you that if you need to make room in your house for something else, heheh, I'm still interested in your Kelii.... even with the friction tuners.
The friend I sold mine to would sell it back; it developed a warp somewhere and it buzzes; she lives in Vermont.
I have a King 19" baritone on the way; should be finished around Mar '09.
btw, I bought my King LS tenor back from MGM. A custom King, made for you, are just best kept close.
Keep on swinging, still love your ghetto blog.

GX9901 said...

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the reminder, haha!
The Kelii has your name on it. When it's time to let it go, I'll check with you first. How's that? :)

I've got a King concert being built alongside your baritone. I can hardly wait!

TK said...

Hey, I put all your pics in my uke porn folder, yummy! Thanks for the run down on them. :)

Which uke should I bring on my next trip to Oahu???

What's the maximum you'd spend on a ukulele case for your best uke?

If you could steal one of my ukes, which one would it be???

How curly do you like your koa? (preferably on a uke)

What's the maximum number of ukes a perfectly sane person should have???

Poll: How often do you play the ukulele???

Poll: Which guitar company's approach to ukes do you prefer???

Poll: What's your favorite type of headstock???

Poll: The new basic Collings concert uke (UC-1) sells for about $1k, your reaction is: