Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sneak Peek

After about half a year of waiting, I finally saw some glimpse of my new custom tenor made by William King. William has put up some pictures of the almost finished ukes and it is looking good. Here they are:

Photo 1: It shows the back/side with the ebony binding. I didn't know what the curly koa would look like as it wasn't something I got to select, but I'm very pleased with the looks here.

Photo 2: A straight on shot of the back.

Photo 3: This photo highlights a different tenor (rosewood/spruce), but mine looks like it's off to the left side. Notice the maple binding on the fingerboard for contrast with the ebony binding on the body. William was very pleased with the look in his correspondence with me. I think it's going to be outstanding as well.

Hopefully in a few days there will be full blown photos of the finished uke and a couple more days later it will be in my hands. This is so exciting! I can hardly wait!

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Anonymous said...

Wow george... This is gonna be a killer custom uke!!!!!!! It will plenty worth the wait!!!

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