Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Dog and 'Ukulele

Well, I haven't had too much to post about on this blog in the past week. I did take a few pictures of a couple of my 'ukuleles with my dog for a thread on Ukulele Underground, so I guess this will have to do for a little while. I do have some semi-exciting things planned in 2-3 weeks, not the least of which is the arrival of my first custom 'ukulele. I'm really looking forward to it and I will share my thoughts on it here a bit after I receive it.

Until then, it'll probably be quiet here over the next 2 weeks. Happy uking!


Phredd said...

To accompany your dog and uke pics, I thought you might enjoy "Don't Take Your Dog to Church"



Pete said...

Here's another one for you as well:

Which uke should I bring on my next trip to Oahu???

What's the maximum you'd spend on a ukulele case for your best uke?

If you could steal one of my ukes, which one would it be???

How curly do you like your koa? (preferably on a uke)

What's the maximum number of ukes a perfectly sane person should have???

Poll: How often do you play the ukulele???

Poll: Which guitar company's approach to ukes do you prefer???

Poll: What's your favorite type of headstock???

Poll: The new basic Collings concert uke (UC-1) sells for about $1k, your reaction is: