Sunday, March 2, 2008

Play it forward ukulele video contest @!

One of the greatest contest ideas I've ever seen is currently ongoing over at It's the "Play It Forward Ukulele Video Contest" sponsored by Julie Strietelmeier. In this contest, people are encouraged to post ukulele related tutorials to Youtube. The 3 top winners gets a sweet package including a Flea ukulele and a clip-on tuner. This is literally a contest where everyone wins because if it takes off nicely over the next month, we all should benefit from the array of new ukulele tutorials that will be present on Youtube. Heck, Dominator has already contributed a 35 minute long 4 part tutorial on how to play "Something" by the Beatles, which for me is like a prize in itself.

It should be interesting to see future entries to this contest. There has not been a lot of entries so far, but I'm guessing that many are already planning their own tutorial videos to enter the contest. If I ever feel creative enough, I might give it a shot too. So for anyone reading out there who have not heard of this contest, get going on some videos!

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julie said...

Thanks for posting about the contest! :o)

I check your site daily!

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