Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Ukulele Ratings, Cigar box edition

Time for another edition of the ukulele rankings of my ever evolving uke lineup. I have recently acquired a cigar box uke, so it's a good time to re-evaluate the ukes I have at the moment. Keeping it to the top 5 (of 9 now), we have:

1. Honu Deluxe concert: I am still very much loving the sound of this one. And hey, it's got a honu shaped bridge, can't beat that!

2. Bluegrass Ukuleles Cigar Box tenor: I'm very pleasantly surprised by this new uke. It has a very clear and loud sound. To me the sound reminds me of the Honu concert with more ommph. It would probably be #1 if it had a bound fretboard (I can feel the fret ends at the edge of the fretboard). As is, it's still an outstanding uke. Hey, it even stands by itself!

3. KoAloha Pineapple Sunday: I still love this uke but it drops down to #3 because I'm getting ready to bring it back to KoAloha in Hawaii for an exchange due to a flaw in the bridge. I guess maybe I'm trying to detach myself with it for a little while since it will take a bit of time before I receive the replacement. Still sounds great and has a unique style of its own.

4. G-String Honu soprano: It feels like there's a motor inside the uke pumping out great sound when playing it. It might be my favorite if I played soprano size more often.

5. Kanile'a Custom SS: It has the best looking wood among my ukes. It has gorgeous wide curly koa that I really like a lot. However, doesn't quite measure up with the above ukes in terms of sound. It doesn't sound as clear as the those ukes. On its own, I think it's a high quality sound, but I like the better clarity of the others ukes more right now. I do think it's a good thing that this one doesn't sound like those others. It gives me more variety.

So there's the current top 5 in my little collection. With a trip to Hawaii about 2 weeks away, I'm almost guaranteed to end up with another uke before the customs arrive next year. Hopefully I can end up with one that cracks the top 5. It's going to exciting to try an pick one out in Hawaii!

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