Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Uke Addict

So, 'tis the season to get presents, or something. What should you be getting the 'ukulele addict in your life? Consider the possibilities:

For the novice uke player:
-A beginner type uke of a different size than the one he/she already has. Something like a Kala or Ohana that costs under $200.
-Ralph Shaw and/or Roy Sakuma instructional videos.
-Jumpin' Jim songbooks.

For the intermediate uke player (or someone with more than 3 ukes):
-Several packs of strings of different brands and size/tension so he/she can experiment away.
-A peg-winder to go with the above strings.
-A Hawaiian made uke. Probably a Kelii since they cost less than the other Hawaiian brands and are still of high quality.
-'Ukulele maintenance products such as microfiber cloths and instrument wax/polishes.
-Advanced songbooks such as the 'Ukulele Masters books from Jumpin' Jim.

For the advanced uke player (or hopeless addict):
-Money, and lots of it, to go toward the next custom uke that's already on order.

So there's one person's suggestions for Christmas presents for the 'uke addict. Hopefully it helps out some of you out there. Or maybe not.

Happy Holidays!

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