Saturday, November 3, 2007

Preferred 'Ukulele Size

Since starting to learn the 'ukulele this past January, I have acquired many difference sized C-tuning ukes (which means no Baritones). My preferred size seem to have changed between then and now. I started out preferring the soprano size. It seemed to be the easiest to play and handle. I could stand and cradle it better than the bigger ukes. The small scale length made it easier to reach all types of chords. It helps that my first high end uke was a G-String soprano, which is very enjoyable to play. After I acquired a few more ukes, I basically gave about equal playing time between the 3 sizes. However, after I started taking on the Jake Shimabukuro songs, I have gravitated toward tenors and concerts. Jake's songs obviously are more suited to the longer scale lengths and I become more into the sounds produced by tenor and concert 'ukuleles. I still play my soprano ukes but not nearly as often as the tenor and concert models. Maybe in time I will gravitate back toward sopranos, but right now the other 2 sized seem to fit me a little better. If I had to choose one size only, I'd probably take a tenor due to the sound. But I would have to say the concert scale fits me the best. It's a good thing I don't have to make that choice.

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