Sunday, November 18, 2007

Playing with a 'ukulele club, StrumMN

I've been meaning to join the local 'ukulele playing group, StrumMN, since I discovered that there is such a group here in Minnesota. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, I have not been able to make it to their meetings. Today I finally was able to join them for some 'ukulele playing fun. They usually hold the meetings in a library, but this time, because there wasn't any rooms available at a library, it was held at a cafe by Como Park. There were 5 of us that made it this time. We spent some time chatting about ukes & music that we're working on, and played from song sheets that everyone brought. It was nice to finally play the 'ukulele with people other than myself. While I wasn't familiar with most of the songs we played (I really don't know too many songs to be honest), it was fun to strum the chords with other people for a change and I enjoy discovering good songs unfamiliar to me through the 'ukulele. There were even a couple of ladies that stopped by and thanked us for playing as they left the cafe. That was pretty nice.

So it was my first experience jamming with other people and I enjoyed it very much. It was great to talk to other uke enthusiasts in person. I hope to make it to more of these meetings in the future to learn and share the joy of the 'ukulele.

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