Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Uke playin' on the road

Recently I went on an overseas business trip to Taiwan. Since I did not want to be uke-less for an entire week, I took along my Risa uke solid. It's a uke that I hardly ever play but perfect for trips since it is almost indestructible and also is silent unless plugged in, which is handy if you are staying at hotels and wish to keep it quiet for the people next door. I also got a Marshall mini-amp and took it along as well since I wasn't staying at a hotel. I was very busy during the trip and only managed to play my uke a couple of times. But it was nice to strum an 'ukulele during the trip.
Now that I've returned home, I'm probably going to give selling the Risa uke solid some thought. The reason is that, given it's unorthodox design, it is not especially enjoyable to play and that it doesn't have quite as many frets as I'd like. I'm thinking about selling it and getting a BugsGear Eleuke. The BugGear Eleuke has plenty of frets and is more similar to a traditional uke yet should be almost as sturdy as the Risa uke solid. It won't be as portable though, but since I don't go on very many week long trips, it's probably not a big problem. If I ever go through with getting the BugsGear, I'll post my impressions here.

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