Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Size comparison of Glyph Mezzo Soprano

So exactly how big is a Glyph mezzo soprano? To answer that question, I took a few pictures comparing several different sized ukuleles:

From the left, it is: Kiwaya KTS-7, Glyph mezzo soprano, Collings UC-1, & William King ls-concert. As you can see the body size of the mezzo is somewhere between a standard soprano (Kiwaya) and standard concert (Collings). The scale length is just a little bit shorter than the concert.

Compared to a Kanile'a super soprano (right), the mezzo soprano has a slightly larger body and longer overall length.

I guess technically this ukulele is a long-scale mezzo soprano, since the scale length is lengthened a bit over the regular mezzo soprano because I wanted the neck join at the 14th fret. Dave builds 14-fret ukes with a longer scale length to get the bridge at the sweet spot on the sound board.

So now you know how big a Glyph mezzo soprano is. I'm not sure how useful that information is, but just in case anyone wonders...

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