Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The third member of KoAloha's Masterpiece collection, dubbed the "Juke-alele", was recently unveiled on the internet forums by musicguymic. Having owned the Pineapple Sunday (Masterpiece #1) and played a few examples of the Sceptre (Masterpiece #2), I knew the next one would be a great sounding and playing ukulele. However, the Juke-alele really took me by surprise in terms of appearance. I have no doubt that it's a great sounding and playing uke, but the design is really over the top. Too much so for me, I think. It is literally a jukebox shaped ukulele and for me no matter how great it plays and sounds, it's more or less a novelty item due to the appearance. I don't know the story behind it, and I'm sure there's a wonderful story behind it, but right now the jukebox shape and decorations on this uke doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. What's next? The Speaka-lele (speaker shaped)? How about the Ipod-lele? I guess the possibilities are endless. Don't get me wrong, I love KoAloha and I like their spirit of innovation, but I'm not seeing the point of ukuleles made to look like other non-abstract objects (the Sceptre to me is barely an abstract object).

Who knows, maybe one day I get one of these in my hands and it blows me away and I want one, but I guess based on the pictures I've seen, I have not been moved to desire one. And that's a good thing because in addition to it not feeding my UAS, it's hefty (reportedly $4000) pricetag would definitely take a big bite out of the o'l wallet!

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Roberto said...

I saw this at the factory and strummed it for a bit last week. From what Pops told me, he wanted a design that spoke to Americans and had a shared history with American culture; an instrument that that could be called a true American ukulele.

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