Sunday, December 14, 2008

Touch (with background singer!)

I've been meaning to take a video of me playing Jake Shimabukuro's Touch for a while now, but either haven't been able to play it smoothly enough or haven't had time to do it . Well, I decided to give it a try today while my daughters are taking their naps. A couple of takes into it, my 3-year old came downstairs and wanted to "help" me with the video. So she sat on the floor behind me and started singing some song she made up when I started the camera. I ended up with about 4 or 5 takes and each time when I restarted she started singing her song. It was pretty cute even though I have no idea what she was singing. She didn't get tired of singing through the retakes either. Each time I restarted she just started singing. After it was done, she wanted to climb up to my chair and watch the video too. It's so much fun having little kids around. I need to make sure I savor these moments because they grow up in a blink of an eye.

So here we are with a video of Touch played on the William King LS-tenor, complete with background singing by my daughter. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

G-Nice playing as usual, but I caught myself listening to the singer more. My son is almost 25 and a musician and he was the same way as a kid. He has always had a song... Ukester Brown

GX9901 said...

Yeah, I've re-watched it a few times and it does kind of seem like that her singing actually fit in with the stuff I was playing. Pretty cool. :)

Stevem said...

This was very nice. Thanks for sharing your daughter's talents with us. And your playing was great also. This is my first visit, but i'll be sure to come back.

Christina H. said...

Your daughter is quite the show stealer! I hope that when I have children that there will be moments like this too. It's awesome that you and your children have the love of music to share and enjoy together!

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