Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kiss from a Gypsy Rose?

Well, over a year after placing the order for the Kepasa Little Mac/Gypsy Rose, I finally got to see a few pictures! Kevin Crossett sent me a link with a few pictures of the top, back, & bent sides of the Gypsy Rose. He had 2 redwood tops ready and I got to choose one. I went with the striped one on the left side.
The uke is obviously not completed yet and I have not idea when it will, but at least there are some parts completed. Hopefully it won't be that long before it's done. It's certainly a cool looking uke.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I got my Josephine Wednesday- Here are some pics:

!st impressions- I love it! Strings are still coming in, but I think it sounds great! Good luck with yours!

Ukester Brown

GX9901 said...

Wow David, that's some serious curly koa on your Kepasa! You must be thrilled with it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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