Wednesday, January 2, 2008

'Ukulele and football?

'Ukulele and football, two things that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, happens to be two of my passions in life. So in an odd twist, the two actually intertwined a little bit over the past year for me.

Ever since I took up the 'ukulele last January, I've felt somehow connected to the state of Hawaii. I became more interested in things having to do with Hawaii then ever before. Sometime in the fall, I read an article on ESPN the magazine about Colt Brennan, and instantly became interested in the exploits of University of Hawaii football and Colt Brennan in particular. Since they are never on national TV, I followed their game results on They had their best season ever, finishing with a 12-0 record. I watched their final regular season game against Washington in which they came from a 21 point deficit and thought they looked as good as advertised. They made it to the Sugar Bowl, and as we know by now, they got killed by the Georgia Bulldogs 41-10. Hawaii was simply overmatched and Colt Brennan never had any time to throw and got sacked repeatedly. Still, it was a great season for University of Hawaii and hopefully they can continue to bring the state of Hawaii great joy watching them play football. And I hope somehow Colt Brennan end up on my beloved Vikings next year.

Anyway, thanks to the 'ukulele, I now consider myself a fan of the Warriors of University of Hawaii. Pretty weird huh?

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